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Monday, 1 January 2018

There's a problem...

So regular readers* will know that I have rules of acquisition.  The rule is that hobby expenditure is only allowed in order to complete existing projects.  It's always been a sort of 'if you want an excuse not to buy something' sort of thing.  Only with two small girls I ought to cut down my spending (after all the plastic crack mountain is huge already).

The rules took a shoe to the knackers when the Knights came out. 

Mastercrafted STuG hull without weapon. 

So for 2017 I was supposed to follow the rules more closely.  So let's see how I did:

When What How Much
17-Feb-17 Inferno ! 89.6 GBP
13-Jan-17 1/35 E50 Deposit 10 USD
07-Jan-17 6x Vampyrum SAM conversions 294 USD
Jan-17 Gathering Storm Fall of Canada 30 GBP
11-Mar-17 3x Mastercrafted STuG 57.5 GBP
11-Mar-17 Red Tithe 18 GBP
03-May-17 3x Chimera Chassis 32 GBP
30-May-17 Track Guards and doors 95 USD
14-Aug-17 3x Chimera Chassis 32 GBP
25-Aug-17 Victoria Lamb bits 100 USD
25-Aug-17 Anvil Pouches 14 GBP
30-Aug-17 Blood Pact half tracks 204 GBP
23-Oct-17 Pig Iron pouches 21.28 GBP
09-Nov-17 3x M7th Chimera 140 USD
26-Dec-17 Shedu Gate  98.51 EUR
29-Dec-17 3x Thunder kits 75 GBP
29-Dec-17 Light box (Cheers Drax !)  6.99 GBP
2018 KS  3x Mortian MBT 154 EUR

Some people finance their hobby buy selling on armies that they are no longer using.  I'm not necessarily talking about the new army/net list phenomenon, either.  Although even that in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, the turn over of stuff putting money into 'the hobby' at several levels.  There are plenty of people who use the completion of one army to finance the new, but; I'm not one of them.  For a start none of my armies is ever 'finished' to my way of thinking - so that makes me a collector, rather than a player or a painter. 

I have had a go at thinning it all down, I have given chunks of armies away where I thought they might find a loving home.  I have thrown away what might have been ebay lots elsewhere.  But this not withstanding, there's still a way to go  to eat the plastic crack mountain I already have and I'm starting to run out of space in a double garage now...

Vampyrum SAM Launcher

So that's three new projects there; the SAM Launchers, the STuGs and the Mortian tanks (who knew he'd do a kickstarter ?).   But a grand and a half is still too much.  So next year following the rules will have to be a little tighter.  

The Mortian MBT

So take this as a statement of intent.  Expenditure to deliver existing projects is OK, but new stuff isn't.  Cue plastic sisters...

I think putting the spend in the little box on the blog has helped, publicly displaying the amounts, erm, invested, has kept the money haemorrhage in my mind at least. So that stays. 

*You can insert your own toilet humour - at 6 and 9, the sylabols 'bum' and 'poo', in any circumstance at all, produce fits of giggles and hours of tedium for adults as the smalls shout 'bum' and 'poo' at each other.  Such is my life.  I blame the parents; trying to teach them about humour.  


  1. Best of luck, Plastic Sisters would be tempting though... see what May and Warhammerfest reveals. It’s good to get stuck into the to-do pile, I’m once again having to concentrate on mine this year.

  2. I wanted one of those Stugs, problem is...I don't have an army to use it with.

    That said, the '2018 army recycling project' is already heating up on ebay...

    1. No excuses. And no tempting me to look at e-bay, either !

  3. This year I will stop buying until I finish all my unpainted models. No really, this year I mean it. Stop sniggering at the back, boy....

  4. I really need to eBay some bits. But I have a full metal sisters army to paint this year and some orks to play with.

    1. Obviously you'll blog your disposals before -ebaying them ?

  5. I salute your efforts and wish you luck. I only brought a (relatively) small number of models with me to Sweden and knowing that these are my only models has had a positive effect on my painting. It has simplified the hobby for me which has been nice. Not having much spare cash has brought the spending into check too. I have reached a happy equilibrium by -- no scratch that. A happy equilibrium has been thrust upon me by my situation. It is unexpected but unexpectedly nice.

    1. That sounds like a good idea, but Sweden is only a few hours away, so I'd be tempted to flit back and pick something up.

      I'd really like to re-settle in Wanaka, but I'd still have internet shopping and a postal address....

    2. Lol yeah I don't think that could increase hobby spending.

  6. I try not to think about it, it helps lol

    1. Yes. I think that if you're not going to be honest and count every penny then there's not really much point in worrying....

  7. Yikes. I need to show your expenditures off next time anyone comments on my own (Quite paltry amounts in contrast). :P

    Good luck holding yourself back mate. I'm going to try to keep my expenditures limited to existing projects ONLY this year. Try...

  8. Strong words; bravely spoken.

    Luckily there's almost no temptation around...