Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 5 February 2018

ASL STuGs Found !

They were of course, hiding in the last place I looked....

The barrels had collapsed onto the super structure so I removed them and pondered how to fix the problem.  I could drill into the hull and the resin barrel piece but get the angles wrong (all three times) and it would be a wasted effort.

But my pin vice said (don't, please: just 'cause I ask my tools and brushes what to do....) "make a small dent in the deck and then a small dent in the underside of the barrel and a short piece of paper clip to solve the problem". 

So all sorted, repairs made.  The base colours were applied ages ago; but two of them didn't have track guards.  So the Models and Minis track guards are fitted and more paint applied.

It's fairly easy in these pictures to see that the retro fitted parts are in a different shade of grey.  The camouflage is matched up, 

the hull weapons, grenade launcher caps and fuel drum were all coloured in.

More progress soon.


  1. Gorgeous! I love those, man. The quick barrel support addition makes a ton of difference. Good stuff!

  2. Excellent assault Russ. Before I even noticed the title I looked at the picture and thought; Nice looks like a Stug.

    I cant picture what the turret mod is from...?

  3. Only you could lose a StuG Zug.