Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 26 February 2018

ASL HVM AAA AFV finished.

Gotta love all those TLAs.  Filters on, mud on the tracks etc.

I really need to do the missiles.

But this troop of 306 battery of 18 AD Bn.

I love the kill markings.

There are still three more to do, but they'll have to wait until sufficient Chimera chassis have been delivered.

So Obviously these are the only guys to ever shoot down Eldar.

So that's these about done as well.   Bar the missiles.

ASL Armageddon Steel Legion
HVM High Velocity Missile
AAA Anti Aircraft Artillery
AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle


  1. So many acronyms... you ex-Forces!? Ha Ha. Looks great, would love to see the whole battery on the BOS ;)

  2. I also love the kill markings. Nice!