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Friday, 23 March 2018

Mortian "King Russ" MBT

If you're a long term reader of this blog, then you're probably aware of the Mortian MBT, which was made by a German craftsman (Heavy Support) some years ago.  He was a model maker and indeed, I believe had made vehicle kits for GW

He stopped doing them a few years ago, but I'm aware that I wasn't the person emailing him and asking for more (seriously, if you want something you've seen, ask - generally the guys casting these types of things up in their garages are hobbyists as well - if you ask nicely and make it worth knocking a batch up the results can reaffirm one's faith in the world)

So though the miracle money pit that is kickstarter, these and a tank destroyer variant were made available as a one off run, in quantity.   Having learned that sometimes you have to get these things whilst they're available, I put my order in. 

I have put four of these together already and only have another two to go.

It's a nice kit to put together.  The resin is altogether more brittle than FW material but the detail is super and the sculpt certainly looks the part as far as I'm concerned.

It's a decent size and so might count-as a not twin linked macharius.  But equally, could just be a LRMBT with an ensuite bathroom.

Here are all four, providing security for the Brick of Scrutiny. 

And here it is with a Mars Alpha LRMBT for scale.   Same height.

A bit wider

The angle which actually shows just how big it actually is.

And the rear view.  S'all for now, more later.


  1. Nice. A good addition to the collection Zzzzzz

  2. I saw those on Kickstarter and was mighty impressed. Didn't get on it but great to see some out in the wild. Thet look like great PDF Macarius' type stock.

  3. They are just beautiful. Gotta be some Macharius kind of rules there. Just beautiful!

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  5. Macharius are my fav 40k tank. These seem to match up very nicely with that aesthetic.

  6. Yes I always liked the look of these, never got one though. Maybe they can serve as command tanks for you tank companies. Certainly enough room for a small map room/command post, or as you put it, C.O.'s master suite inside!