Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Wip STuG Zug

That unpainted line on the tarp roll needs addressing.  And the ammo boxes need some ammo box transfers, fortunately I have some, I just have to find them.

Dust is ok, but still loose and needs sealing in.  The panther markings are good, before the numbers are applied.  Heck, even the red is the same (those panthers are from the old Bretonnian transfer sheets).  But the white outline makes the numbers pop, which is a shame, as the panthers then look a bit meh.

Pencil over the tracks is in order, as is some work on the straps.

And those jerrycans.  They need to be a colour.  Either green or a deep orangey yellow.

And that searchlight lens, it needs to match the rest of the ASL stuff.

But on the whole, I like the low, mean, look.

More ammo boxes needing labels. And that GW stowage needs colouring in properly.

On the whole, these are almost there as well.


  1. Sweet, almost looks like a practical war-like design! Great colours again, nice to see a group shot once you’ve finished this batch ;)

  2. Fantastic!

    On one hand I wish I'd gotten one of these kits...but then I have no idea what I'd actually do with it.

  3. Oo, that looks rather nice thus far. Jerry cans should be a yellowy-orange I think.

  4. Very nice!

    How do you seal in the dust, by the way?