Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Mortian King Russ nearing completion

So here are all six at the same stage. 

The top tracks are done, but I plan on more actual mud on the bottom tracks, largely to hide the missing or broken ones which I cunningly managed to get at the back on all the models

A little bit of the painting needs tidying up; the rotating barrels in the sponsons could do with a bit of work as well, there are lines of resin where from when they were sprayed in the first place and one has had an interesting encounter with mig rust.

I'm thinking one last thin wash - it would be a pin wash, although these babes have very few rivets...

And then the lenses on the searchlights - these are green on all the other ASL vehicles.

So I'm thinking of a bit of sponge chipping. 

And then a final flick of rust and one of mud.

And then when with a final varnish, hopefully that decal backing line around the number will disappear.

But despite taking an absolute age, I'm liking them.

Rust and soot on the exhaust, black and burnt umbra oil paint as oil around the engine areas.

The green panel on the back of the bustle will get a white aqilla and a repeat of the tank number. 

And the type of gap that the mud will have to hide.


  1. Mate, these vehicles are so very cool...

  2. Ditto to what the Admiral said. Liking these lots!