Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Replicating an existing colourscheme

One of the last complete units (read - Imperial Guard armies) I bought before my children ate all my money was Jeff (Pirate Viking Painting)'s lovely iggies.  As as well as the foot soldiers, there are these mechanised assets as well, a demolisher, a hell hound and a chimera as well as a sentinel troop. 

They are all finished in a nice two colour camouflage with brown and black separating stripes, in the manner of a 1980's NATO scheme - google image US or Spainish 1980s armour for best results.

Click the pic, as Inso would say, and the glory of Jeff's subtle and realistic treatment of military themes is evident. I'll let you scroll down through the picts.

So my challenge is to colour match this scheme.  There's a huge amount of variation int he paints in my pile of airbrushing paints - all AFV colours, so I've got the right colour, I'd just need to match up correctly.  "Why, Zzzzz ?" I hear you ask, well gentle reader, these babies are going to join the same unit:

Gotta find some hatches, some dozer blades (got loads of those) and some searchlights.  Here's looking forward to child free good weather to actually get some airbrushing done.


  1. Beautiful. Very subtle and realistic dust there! I'll have a dig around for hatches and let you know.

  2. "Child-free good weather?" - ha!

  3. Nice tanks Zzzz, very realistic camo scheme. Like that old Hound in there, still rolling some of those myself.