Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Macarius Progress

Welcome back to the marshalling yards of Acre, where arriving IG assets are received dirtside and prepared before being shipped trans oceanic to the front.  This is assembled, basecoated, camouflaged, pin washed and then the first stages of weathering applied.  

S9 is a replacement tank.  P10 was destroyed by a rebel T65 strike fighter out on the prairie in a sneak attack during the build up for Operation Dragonfire.  Unterofficer Ravell and S9 restore the 10th Hvy Pz Abt attached to the 19th Armd Regt to one callsign.  Previously the 'Heavy tank company' had been Lucius pattern vanquishers.  Formidable assets themselves, nonetheless the general feeling is that the Macharius is a more suitable weapon to fill out a 'Heavy' tank company.

There's more mud to come and a bit of tarting up.  Crew members, a driver's hatch section which keeps falling off.  heat discoloration on the flamers and maybe some stowage.  Chipping as well, don't forget the wear and tear.


  1. Best tank Forgeworld ever made. Just such a cool design.

    Bravo on the painting mate, that thing is a flippin gorgeous beast.

  2. Mmmmm - So good! The Macharius is just the business, my favorite FW tank by far. Looking great man!

  3. Great job and prob my favourite FW Guard tank too.

  4. In furious agreement with the other chaps. Brilliant tank
    Best of FWs many awesome kits. Great work on the paint job too and the background is always a joy