Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Kitbashed ISTs/shotgun vets.

These are Anvil Unity Council Marine legs, armoured shooting arms with a selection of phase carbines (Hotshot las-guns) and shotguns.  All of this confectionery held together with FW hazardous Canadians.

They have had more work on since this, including rural basing, as opposed to my usual grey rubble.  Don't know why, just a whim.

I like the look of them, there are some hoses or cables which do trail off and have no further connections once they go past someone's armpit, but compared to the sculpting and casting sins of yesteryear, that doesn't look so bad.  Not enough to warrant the likes of me monkeying about with Anvil and FW's work. 

And these guys generally look like know what they are (supposed to be) doing.  So that's a win.

These get lenses, weapon coloured weapons and some spotty three coloured camouflage before a gentle wash to unify the camo colours. 

They've already got mud and flock bases.  It may be time for the odd strand of static grass...


  1. Love the confectionery. They have come together well.

    I do really love the mix of kit your forces have. There is enough to tie them together with enough diversity that I believe that they are a real army.

    My god man, just a smiggit of wash there!

  2. Yes, these look like modern 20th C troops dropped into the 40K setting. Nice work, you washing the BOS too? lol. Base variation is quite refreshing as I found out doing your Vorax rubble bases from my own brown wasteland ones.

  3. "hazardous Canadians"

    Indeed..they're not to be trifled with, lol!

  4. They work just fine from here. Nice mix of parts.