Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Gyps fulvus

Because you can never have too much BBBBRRRRRRT in your Iggy army. 

And you can blu-tac missile pods and hellfire missiles to Valkyries.  

Grey, grey, grey and grey with a Tamiya signal yellow id flash. 

Added decals.  Bird 9

And bird 6.  Any similarity to JG52 markings is entirely co-incidental.  But they look good with the greys, no ? 

Port side

Port side of the other bird. 

Crew information panels - the decals are actually from a 1/48 US WW2 bomb kit. 

And the other bird as well.  They still need a bit of work...


  1. Those look nice. I like the grey base color. Looking forward to seeing them done.

  2. Love WW2 schemes on IG flyers and my favourite flyer at that too.

  3. Love these, the small decals are insane!

  4. Looking good, can't wait to see them done.