Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 3 January 2020


Before we start, No2 daughter (eight years old), got a Revell London skyline kit (suitable for 10+) from my dad for Christmas and built it with a little guidance from me, but largely on her own (it's for kids of ten plus, daddy).  It only took her two days.  No1 daughter's wooden tower bridge took her nearly a week.  So she had to build it quicker to send pictures to Grandad.  Oh and did I mention that it was a kit suitable for children of 10+ ?* 

These insane minis are from a kickstarter, I think by Andrew Rae of Statuesque minitures fame, although I might be wrong.  Who ever did them, they were inspired by some blachitsu-esque pen and ink drawings and make fine additions to either the Old World or 40K universe. 

 These guys are unarmed, so not much good on the battlefield, but a sure fire hit for Inquisimunda.

These three, preaching on the brick of scrutiny, are coloured to match the 'Tree of Man' Ecclesiarchical delegation accompanying the Iggies on Devos IV. 

More of these later, perhaps.

* She doesn't this everytime she sees someone glance at it.  Sometimes she has her mouth full.  


  1. Those robed figures will do great as Acolytes in an Inquisitoral Warbamd, and you can easily add weapons to their hands from the bits box!

  2. Daughter #2 is talented! Bravo to the wee one!

    The robed fellows are fantastic. Could be useful for Imperium OR Chaos I think.

  3. Well done girls! I love the competitiveness ;) lol