Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Grenadier Miniatures Copplestone Wastelander

On the Brick of Scrutiny today-

This is Zog, a native tribal wastelander. 

He was big as a boy and hence ended up brutalised and forever shoved to front whenever there is a fight.  

Of course, as a native wastelander, he knows that intimidation is usually a better way than actual violence - there's less risk to all involved and even he who backs down gets to fight another day.

Having said that, he'll quite happily shiv you for a pop tart, after all, the wasteland can be a tough place and resources are scarce.


  1. That tank on his lower back with the short hose looks ominous. . . is the hose for intake or output do you reckon?

    1. Saving his wee. Things can get harsh in the wastelands

    2. Better to have some wee and not need it than to need some wee and not have it.

  2. Love the sculpt. Another really cool fellow.