Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 12 May 2022

DKK Vehicle Fleet WIP Update

All the same stuff
As you can see
Now with brown added to the camoflauge pattern. 
On the Macharius
And the Griffins
And the Chimerae
I do love these Chimerae.

And the Fuchs.  Interesting that the Army Painter DunkelGreb (the kakhi base colour for the camoflauge) is much more yellow than the Tamiya on the older vehicles.  It doesn't matter, once the pin wash, filters and weathering are on, they'll be much more homogenous with the rest of the fleet.  

And you cannot have failed to notice the increased interweb traffic about the Horus Heresy (if you havn't, it looks like GW are going to issue all of the FW Horus Heresey stuff in plastic, so leaving FW doing Titans, at least until they can afford the tooling to do them in plastic [when I say afford, I mean without effecting anyone's dividends or bonuses, of couurse}).

There's a little widget to see which of the eighteen original legions you might be.  It turns out I'm a World Eater.  Who knew ? 




  1. I can see you being a World Eater, swinging away maniacally with a chain axe while screaming your lungs out.

  2. Good to see all these set out for inspection, we'll have to get you using them for some games of Apocalypse - I'll put something up about this on the blog as soon as I get some plans firmed up.

  3. Death Guard for me. Liking the paint progress on your armour sir.