Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday 7 June 2024

Amarillo Pattern LeMan Russ varients

Comptroller Bellormus' standard indents into Departmento Munitorium supply lines have secured some armour which was already earmarked for the DKK.
These are LeMan Russ varients supplied by a Styrgies VII statalite forge.  The Amarillo statalite forge is renowned for the high quality of it's products, however, the forgemaster suffers from ill health so productivity is sometimes not what it could be.
These have Styrgies VII equivalents to Mars Alpha hulls.  These bigger engines and generator units enable the further modifications which allow varient weapon loads without sacrificing mobility. 
The Amarillo pattern turrets have a large bustle which, in the vehicles supplied to Devos IV, either capacitor/battery banks for the Anhilator las cannons or ammunition storage for the Predator cannon.
The varients supplied to Devos IV are Predators with Heavy Bolter sponsons and hull mounted Heavy Bolter. 
And the Anhilators with hull and sponson mounted las cannons.  The unusual, increased capacity allowed by the larger hull and turret.

Another two of each to build !