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Saturday 15 June 2024

Tiny Leg Ends DKK sappers

You'll recall me mentioning that Tiny Legends also produced a DKK Engineer kit.  This is half of the kit put on to Anvil bodies.
All of the comments and observations I made about the Grenadier kit hold true here as well. 
This guy is digging with his entrenching tool. There are other possible arms with axes and picks and hands with shovels. 
Having said all of that, there are weapon options and I've of course chosen the revolver action shotgun. 
There's plenty of actual engineer kit as well. 
And these Anvil bodies, "Gorka Suit Bodies" have the knee pads and plenty of belt kit.  It may not come out in the picts, but the PLCE has stabilisation straps as well.  Excellent work, Anvil, beautifully done.
And the match between the kit and the bodies is great.

 Five more to do

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