Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Almost getting there

So, I have sort of chickened out of doing the Tigers tanks in the Tigers colour scheme. It might not show too well on these fots but these tanks all have eight pointed stars or symbols of Slannesh on them some where. So the straight/vanilla/Cadian colour scheme wins out. Hopefully it'll challenge a few people; They'll see a Cadian armoured formation, only close inspection will reveal their true - wait - I'm getting carried away with this, arn't I ? It doesn't matter at all. So this is Tamiya dark yellow. Incidently this will also be the base colour for the DKK colour shceme, so I'm sort of looking at this as practice. You can clearly see the diffence between the ones base coated black and the ones base coated white. I think some of the DKK chimera are even base coated grey (army painter's detail obliterating spray paint).

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