Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Do I qualify for ISO 9000/2001 ?*

After my previous post about airbrushing and getting better, Admiral Drax commented that he'd used either hardly any or no thinner at all. So I sneaked out whilst Mrs Z was whipping up fajitas last night and gave it a whirl. The vehicle is the Platoon Command Squad (I don't have one, so they get an AFV CP) for the Bloodcoats Mortar Platoon. These pictures, like all my others were taken on a mobile telephone; However, they were done at 0730 this morning out doors. I'm quite pleased as I fancy you will be able to make out the three shades of green on the vehicle. So I now have my guinnea pig (guinnea tank ?) for decals and then weathering. Appart from the Rhino sides it is scratch built, so I'm quite fond of the little thing and will be dispointed if I arse it up. But it's only a hobby. And mistakes can be painted over.

Many thanks to Admiral Drax for supplying the notion that whilst thinning might be giving me ultimate control over the amount of paint applied, nonetheless actually having enough pigment means one can see what one is spraying and hence spend more time painting and less time faffing about trying to correct things are not wrong, just not what I thought I should be seeing.
Incidently, I still put a few drops of thinner in the resevoir first, as this prevents any 'lumpy' paint clogging the airbrush up.
*No. (I may be continuously improving (not hard, considering the starting position), but am not registered. Nor have I written myself a quality manual. That would be sad, shame on you for thinking it.)


  1. Very nice. Sort of Army of the Rhine.

  2. Cool! Glad (if entirely surprised) to be of some help.

    I love what you're doing with that CP vehicle, too - it's really really effective!

    By the way, I have no idea what ISO 9000/2001 means.

    Right. I'm off into town to buy a handful of the best damned pasties this side of the Tamar.

    - D.

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