Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Existing Tigers colour scheme

These sentinals are in the exisiting Tigers colour scheme. It's a Revell sea green with cadium yellow (the Citadel equiv) jags and then a camo or catachan green fill in the jags. It looks OK on the little guys, because they are very small. 28mm or less would you believe. On the sentinals it looks OK, but these photos show the patchy brush work on the jags.
You can see the heavier armour behind. These are from the same unit as the sentinals and therefore the same formation as the little guys. It would be quite nice from a theme army point of view to have them the same. Being jags, with masking tape the scheme could be fairly easy to do. Then I would not have to use the default Cadian scheme I was contemplating earlier.
I am just a little wary of it so may try two LRMBT first off.

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