Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dreamforge Crusader redux

This is Chas (Dave is still in his padded envelope in bits.  The Rhino command vehicle is ther for scale.  As you can see, Chas stands on his own two feet and needs no base.  The arms are such a good fit that they slot on and hang in place just fine and dandy.  The fit is really that good.  Magents smagnets.

Should've taken a picture with the arms on, sorry.  The gatling the side of a jetbike is quite impressive.

So Chas and Dave will be knight-preatorian-thingies.  Perhaps in Empire sort of colours.  


  1. That's actually quite a cool-looking mini! How much did the cock-er-ney duo cost?

  2. These babies arn't cheap, but for the build quality, I am very happy. No flash, no warping, no bubbles or voids. The real sting was that I had to pay £45.00 to HMRC to get the courier to release them ! As of course Dreamforge payment is purchase & carrige out of the land of the free, not including import duty to the UKGBNI. So not that far shy of £200 for the pair.