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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"on the workbench" (the curse of the butterfly mind)

Some bloggers out there do show us what they have 'on their workbench' from time to time.  Which is always interesting, providing us, the audience with a frame of reference for our own efforts.  Those who've been to DevosIV will know it's boundless wastes and limitless vistas (it's a double garage - woo-hoo !).  However, as ever, my crap expands to fill the available space.  The only things actually on the workbench are "Grant's Spectres", shown above. The rest of this stuff is scattered across time and space my garage.

These boys are another squad of flecktarn panzergrenadiers for PVP to paint.  These and their unassembled buddies have maxmini torsos to make them extra, extra special.  Sticking GW plastic to maxmini resin appears to be a little tricky, but then whoever said playing with toy soldiers was supposed to be easy ?

Flitting around the garage brings us to this project, which is a DKK armoured squadron (tank company).  If I ever feel a little bit 'meh', I open the box and bask in the rays it gives off.  Trying hard to resist starting it until the ASL armoured squadron is finished - one more troop of 3 LRMBT to go !

Devils in skirts.  The edge of the zip lock bag you can see there contains all of the Tam O'Shanter wearing heads for them.  Cadian doner bits are in the boxes under the workbench.  

Vostroyan command chimera.  Needs three las guns transplanted to each side.  The las guns are between the skirts and flecktarn bits on another table that isn't supposed to be a workbench. 

Three two Thunderer conversions.  Again, the bits for the third are in the boxes under the workbench.  Ho hum.  

Three Anocenti Humpback vehicles (counts as Salamanders). These have needed painting for months. 

On the shelf above, there are five more mid turret chimera to replace the old ones the DKK surrendered to the ASL.  I had a burst of energy and threw these together ages ago.  They need to go into the box of DKK armour once they have been lovingly base coated. 

 Ecclistical repository, from basillica bits.  Sat on top of the tumble drier.  It's been like that for about four years.
 Church from the pegasus kit.  Its been like this for three years ish.
 Sepulchre of heroes (the statue and tower-y thing are just 'there'; they are not part of it).  More unfinished terrain.
 Church-y bell tower (snipers nest) thingy.  Needs finishing.
Promethium refinary that the tower is currently balanced on.  Also never finished.

There is more stuff; dark mechanicus, a sort of chaosy walker, some Cadian medics, my DE (weeps) and some more Edlar bits; all things that I have begun and not really got anywhere with.  What I really need is a plan.  So I'm going to consider what the end point is; where I want to be with all of this.  And then work backwards.

All I have to do now is cogitate on what that end point is.  And then work out where I am now.  And then break the in-between bits down into parcels of work.  Its just like being at work (sighs and slopes off to put the kettle on). 


  1. Seeing your projects all laid out like that has made me realise.. we need there to be a geek equivalent of one of those awful "lets make a lucrative tv show by tidying someones house" thingies..

    We could have a "team" who come in for two days while you arent looking, paint build and flock like madmen and leave you all ready to start a new plastic crack mountain.

    right, I'm off to pitch to endemol...

  2. You made me giggle out loud and wake up the dog. The issue would be, as you suggest, the replacement of the existing plastic crack mountain with another one.

    The issue appears to be that as I get existing ideas made/done the next one falls out. The Deathwatch and World Eater armies are still in my head at the minute. They arn't allowed out until some of the others are actually done. ie the Void Dragon Corsair army. Half of it exists already, but I still need to FW some bits (guardian conversion kit(s), a warp hunter or two and some hornets).

    I have never tried to do an Admiral Drax type painting chart as there are always multiple armies on the go and they are bought and organised as units, not by FOC. There are no controls or programme, which allows me to indulge, but that has led directly to my multiple army, multiple WIP situation. Oh well. C'est La Vie !

  3. Okay, looking at all that I don’t feel my wife has anything to complain about where my own backlog is concerned. *grin* I think I’ll just direct her to this post each time she see’s me making a new purchase and she’ll realise my own addiction is not so bad.

    Saying that…. That’s some rather cool looking terrain you have there. It really does deserve a better life than that of the “perpetually unfinished project”.

  4. Holy moly matey... when you asked if I had seen your last update I thought it was the one prior to this.. now seeing this.. wow..

    Seems you have a bit of work to be doing ahead of you. As discussed.. will be nice to get a big game together when I move over here permanently, and bringing my Daemons/Orks up against your IG forces.