Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Iron Broo

 Just in case Dai thought I was ignoring him.  Sorry about the fots, these were snatched in between storms.  These guys listened to too much thrash metal as youngsters and this is how they turned out. 
 I'm thinking of a sort of dirty albino colcour scheme for these boys, with their hotch potch of gear painted in the colourschemes of the orignial owners, just to reinforce their rapatous nature.
Dodgy non-codex wouldn't be allowed in a GT weapon options.  Well, a flamer with a CCW might.  But really, who is going to put a CCW on a flamer ?  These bad boys of course !  They are easily marine stature and are looking forward to putting 'Kill' into Kill Team.


  1. I am particularly fond of how mental some of those weapons are :)

  2. Love how the leader is hefting that plasma in the air one-handed like a Marine and the H-Bolter with the Exterminator-flamer-thingy add-on - damned cool stuff!

    Now I'm done painting my dread', I think I'll get onto those Beastmen who've been staring at me from my shelf with those puppy(goat)dog eyes. :)

  3. (O and it's been yonks since I've drunk an Iron-Bru.... takes me back to my childhood in Aberdeen....)