Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 9 November 2012

On the workbench

The T-65 Yavin Strike Fighter, better know as the X-Wing.  Remeniscient of the Lockheed Starfighter, perhaps.

Note the Las cannons on the wing tips and the little man for scale.  The cockpit is upstairs pending some work putting a 40k size pilot in there.  Which is why you can see daylight through the fusilage.  So far, base coated German Grey (like a lot of my tanks ?!?!).  Thinking of a USN type colour scheme. Perhaps.

This is the Revell snap fix kit.  Gonna get rid of them Storm Drains and Duncan the Dragons.


  1. Did it come with an R2 unit?

  2. Oh yes. There is a little cut out for the poor blighter's dome to stick out of and a minute but fully formed R2 to stop it crashing into planets.

  3. |Nice.. a counts-as thunderbolt?

  4. I was thinking of going with the Starfighter theme and making the whole model a counts as hellstrike missile.