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Friday, 25 January 2013

Devos IV Map

I suspect that many of you have been wondering what it looks like. If you click on this, it should scale up.  If you have access to campaign cartographer, you might be able to import it and get it in alternative views.

The landmass on the left is Acer, the Spaceport being where the archipeligo meets the landmass in the NW.  The landmass on the right with the large landlocked sea is Benq; if you would care to see the inland sea as a square, the Imperial Guard port of entry, Randstat, is on the southern edge of the small peninsula in line with the top edge of the square.  Xyphonica, the seat of the rebellion is at the top right corner of the square.

Which of course makes more sense in conjuction with the more adequate background information.


  1. Arg, missed this post. That looks brilliant, is this all done on campaign cartographer? Just googled it and it looks amazing, might have to invest.

    1. Sorry, missed your comment !

      Generally, the posts are set for every Friday. I have started checking on Admiral Drax's blog just to see if they come out on the blogroll.

      Yar, campaign cartographer; it does all the world views you could want. I like this one as it reminds me of Traveller and I can print it out and fold it into a sort of d20 shaped planet.