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Friday, 4 January 2013

Moss Trooper Doak

026583-AAA Moss Trooper Doak
2 Bn Hulin Rifles

Moss Trooper Doak wears the traditional kilt and Tam’o’shanter of the Drookian disporia scattered throughout the Imperium.  He wears a locally manufactured Flak vest with a body rig carrying his ammunition and personal equipment.  He is armed with the locally manufactured (Hydraphur) G44 assault rifle, a small calibre auto gun with a high rate of fire.  The G44 is equipped with a standard IG Kantrel pattern bayonet, probably scoured from 72 Army Groups stocks.  Additionally he carries a canteen and additional knife as a part of his belt kit.

Moss Trooper Doak is typical of the units raised on Devos IV by the Departmento to service 4* General Zhukov’s third Korps (38 Korps).

Click the pics for a better view; these are Vicky Lamb kilts and swedes with Pig Iron bodies.  The Bayonet is Cadian and the extra canteen and knife are there to visually tie the torso to the legs as without these, the mini looked distinctly like two random bits, one sat on top of the other.  With these items bridging the gap, Moss Trooper Doak looks a lot more like a single entitiy, rather than a victim of some vaudeville magician.

I have background for the Hulin Rifles, but you'd want to wait for painted minis for that, wouldn't you ?  I though so.


  1. Damned right I want painted pics.

    Can't wait for my own Moss Troopers bits to arrive!

  2. Looking very good indeed sir

  3. Very nice indeed. I do like all the Vicky Lamb bits, although Moss Troopers aren't one that I've tried ... yet. After having done those penal legion I heartily agree about the 'bridging' webbing being very necessary.

  4. Looking good! I like the PigIron / Victoria Lamb mix, nice. I've recently been looking at her site myself. The kilts are fantastic, as are the Gaunt's Ghosts troopers.