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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

DKK Vehicle fleet progress

902 Inf Div's vehicles on the start line for their assault on Cudlipp Lines, NW of the Colil Promethium refinery. 

Once again this was written watching the news on Mon 28 Jul 13; these pictures are already a couple of weeks old and show some progress.  The camouflage is on and the turret numbers on the tanks (hull numbers on the Chimerae).  

The turrets on the DKK Chimerae have all been changed for FW auto cannon to match the Assault Brigade list from IA13.  Hurrah for 5,500 points of legal DKK !  

The best solution I found for the tracks was to use the Tamyia weathering stick and some powders.  The experiment with chalk dust and enamel paints was not a failure, but just not as good a result, IMO.  And they are my tanks, so goo sticks it is.

Here we can see the ASL tanks and their accompanying Chimerae, (the grey looking ones at the rear of the picture) with rusty tracks, to reflect their amphibious capacity and their markings. still an ongoing thingy.   I'd thought the ASL tanks were finished, but then compared to the improvements in technique and finish on the DKK vehicles, these also now need a little more love.  I'm not even thinking about the Devos IV PDF tanks.  

A slightly clear shot of the DKK Chimerae.  The stowage on these has been on once, and then came off because the FW turret has a comms kit bustle at the back.  And then on and off again on six of them for some FW Chimera tracks.  But they look OK ish now - the only thing is that all of my stowage appears to be held on by magic (as opposed to straps, racks, rope or whatever).  I could sort this out, but quite frankly, it's way down my list.

Oh, oh, and, I've been surfin (the interwebs not real surfing, that's too hard - there's no coast for at least two hours from here). And found these http://www.warchimera.com/en_US/p/Tracking-guards-for-transport-vehicle/16  So that might do for a few more IG vehicles, eh ?  certainly a saving over buying another vehicle accessory frame, even with the post from Poland.  It's not just for plumbers, you know.

Incidently Mrs Zzzzz has just discovered that if you ask Siri "Were you in Bross ?" he answers "I can't answer that."  Ahhh, the eighties...


  1. Inspiring stuff. I love the paintjob, the theme's carried through strongly vehicle to vehicle so it makes a great sight all lined up like that.

  2. Now THAT'S an impressive motor pool! Awesome stuff, man!

  3. Thanks gents. Family portrait (with the squishy bits) on Friday.

    The list of work still to do is quite long, but I think achievable, given time and space. Right now, I've knocked down my garden shed and filled the garage with lawnmowers and other such things, so 40K is on hold whilst I relay the patio and lay foundations for the new shed with the slabs of the old one. Then put the new shed up and move the stuff in the garage to its new home. There ! Sounds quick and easy, eh ?

  4. Good God! Just imagine all the poor little critters crushed under those treads, a thought to make the Emperor smile :-)
    On a vaguely more serious note, the consistency across the range is impressive and makes the sight even more impressive. Hope the "homework" is going well and you'll have your hobby space back soon.

  5. Cheers Andy. Consistency is something I was always going for with this army, which is wny it waited seven years for paint; the whole lot were done in two consecutive days (tanks one day, Chimerae the next).

    Having had to go back and replace every Chimera turret, I'm now pretty confident that the Salamanders and Hydrae will match as well. The next stage with all of these (AK filters similar to the ones that worked so well on the commissar's tank) will, I've determined also be done in a huge batch, even if I have to skive off to do it. Then more weathering and mud (along with the hatches, crew and pintle weapons) last. Like the garages/shed plan, it sounds easy when it's broken down into a few sentences.