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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

3422 Army Group

3422 Army Group has arrived.  The group is organised into two Corps of three Divisions.  It arrives as a complete fighting force and is off loaded by the Imperial Navy at Fort Nuttar. 3* Gen Smonnovic Chief of Land Warfare (the Plenipotentiary actually running the war) wanted them dropped east of Xyphonica, but with no guarantees that they would be safe from enemy action, they were dropped at what the Navy believed was a compromise location.

Random internet picture - there's some good stuff out there, if you look.
Dropping them east of the city would have speeded up the investment of Xyphonica.  Depositing them at Fort Nuttar actually gave 3422AG to properly organise and shake out before deploying.  Humans who have spent some time sailing the void need some time to recover from its mildly debilitating effects.  Shortfalls in supplies could be made up from Fort Nuttar's copious depots.

The major units of its formations are:

44 Corps
569 Div
1292 Hrossey Yeomanry (Mechanised Infantry)
1293 Hrossey Yeomanry (Mechanised Infantry)
1294 Hrossey Yeomanry (Mechanised Infantry)
6 Hjaltland Light Infantry
7 Hjaltland Light Infantry
3rd Hellier Tank Bn
56 Armoured Artillery Regiment
785 Div
44th Cadian Tank Regt
2139 Heavy Tank Co (Cadia)
66th Gudrun Rifles
80th Bram Pioneer Bn
1st Lydian Lunar Fusillers
4th Llar Heavy Infantry
2 Div
677 Itzhaki Drop Infantry
680 Itzhaki Drop Infantry
681 Itzhaki Drop Infantry
36 Salah Light Infantry
1st Salah Mecanised Recce Brigade
Sisohtto Airmobile Support Regt

6 Corps
65 Div
9004 Elenen Tank Regt
9005 Elenen Tank Regt
9006 Elenen Tank Regt
Bilal Heavy Artillery
Nabil Mechanised Artillery
88th Elenen Armoured Engineer Regt
Hangelan Mechanised Infantry
66 Div
9007 Elenen Tank Regt
9008 Elenen Tank Regt
9009 Elenen Tank Regt
Juno Light Infantry
8th Dewi Line Infantry Regt
Hymason Armoured Artillery Regt
67 Div
9010 Elenen Tank Regt
45th Cadian Tank Regt
6770 (Armegeddon) Armoured Regt
102 Coalition Artillery Regt
Mirrilor Mechanised Engineers
2239 Sturgot Infantry


  1. Some familiar regiments deployed there! Here's hoping they die honourable deaths in the name of the Emperor!

  2. Another glorious chapter in their regimental history. 569 Div is more or less exclusively populated by the offspring of your blog. If you have any burning observations or titbits you think i need to know, do use the email link on the 'view my complete profile'.