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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Send three and fourpence, we are going to a dance.

You'll recall that one of the concerns of much of the command staffs within 72AG was that, in the event of significant reinforcements arriving, the amateurish interference of High Command in the running of the army and the conduct of the war could result in ineffective squandering of resources.

“The General “[1] , fortunately was distracted by the move of his Headquarters from Benq to Acer.  He also wanted the Princips of the Legio Astoria, the head-quarters of the Inquisition on Devos IV and the representative of the Brothers of the Lostwithial[2] to co-locate in Rand[3]

So with the energies of 72AG (‘Group) bent on finding suitable accommodation and securing the agreement of their ‘guests’, the asked for reinforcements arrived and are assigned to their formations according to the plan laid down[4]

143rd DKK Siege Regiment                                                                      XVII Korps 903 Div
90th DKK Heavy Artillery Regt                                                                XVII Korps 903 Div
141st Elysian DTR “Helldivers”                                                               XXXVIII Corps 60 Div
Cadian 120th Mechanised Infantry Regt                                                  XXXVIII Corps 4 Div
Bollostar 234 Independent Combat Engineer Company                          XXXVIII Corps 4 Div
Bollostar 235 Independent Combat Engineer Company                          XXXVIII Corps 4 Div
Bollostar 236 Independent Combat Engineer Company                          XXXVIII Corps 4 Div
5th Sturgot DTR “The Emperor’s Spear”                                                 XXXVIII Corps 60 Div
26th Valhallan Field Artillery Regt                                                           XXXVIII Corps 4 Div
6th Gudrun Rifles                                                                                      XXXVIII Corps 4 Div
670th Sturgot Independent AT Battalion                                                  XXXVIII Corps 5 Div
Knovian 44th Armoured Brigade[5]                                                          XXXVIII Corps 5 Div
6th Strugot Infantry Regt                                                                           XXXVIII Corps 5 Div
7th Sturgot Infantry Regt                                                                           XXXVIII Corps 5 Div
872nd Sturgot Drop Engineer Company                                                   XXXVIII Corps 60 Div
873rd Sturgot Drop Engineer Company                                                    XXXVIII Corps 60 Div
42nd Sturgot Drop Field Apocartharion detachment                                 XXXVIII Corps 60 Div

By the time ‘Group actually take full cognisance of the reinforcement situation, ‘The General’ is ready to order his forces to invest Xyphonica.  With insufficient forces to effectively surround the city, the initial plan involves seizing  key points across the city, more in hope than surety that the PLA/PDF doesn’t have much fight left and that after the establishment of bases at these points, future operations would more be counter insurgency police actions, rather than war fighting.

Unlike real Gods, the Departmento Munitorium works not so much in mysterious ways as in slow ones.   With the encouragement of the OH, a successful petition to the Legio Astoria, interest from the Black Templars, Kelestor Sub Sector Command has the Devos IV situation pretty near the top of its list of wars to support. 

With a lull in the situation in the Macogh system three years ago, units now ready, with the transports to embark them, are directed to Devos IV.  Another Army Group, under 4*General Faulkuie arrives just after the opening moves of the investment of the city.

4*General Zukhov finally gets what he’s been campaigning for, a fifth star and the formal title ‘Lord General’.  The Plennipotentiate who has been actually running the war, 3* Gen Sommonovic (Vostroya) Chief of Land Warfare, gets his forth star and becomes CinC of 72AG.  Gen Zukhov’s former Chief of Staff, 2* Gen Mentunfor (Krieg) Chief of the Imperial General Staff, is also promoted to fill Sommonovic’s vacant space. 

The actual position of CIGS, of course, follows Gen Zukhov to Planetary Command[6]
The arrival of 3422 AG, with two Corps of three Divisons, gives the Imperial Guard enough resources to properly surround the city; offensive operations cease to allow existing gains to be consolidated whilst 3422 AG shook itself out and moved into position.  With no hurry, no urgent operational imperative to pursue, this process took six weeks.

[1] 4*General Zukhov, the Vostroyan CinC of 72 Army Group, for a long time referred to as ‘the lord general’ behind closed doors.
[2] Black Templars.  The Lostwithial remains in (a very distant) orbit.
[3] The Seaport of entry to continental Benq for the Imperial Guard.
[4] The Macharian Thunder Guard are finally formally allocated to XXXVIII Corps.
[5] XXXVIII Corps’ 5 Div initially looks small, however the Knovian 44 Armd Bde are fourteen company sized units of LRMBT, chimera mounted grenadiers and chimera chassis artillery. 
[6] CIGS oversees the appointment of officers to staff appointments.  It is his responsibility to ensure that command staffs have high performing teams. 

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