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Friday, 30 September 2016

Another broken rule

But to fair, one which was broken ages ago and then the stuff has been hanging around most of the year.  When I was looking for things of the Bay of Es, I would occasionally look at my old searches.  Which drew my attention to one of those 'collected Warhammer figures' lots.  This one had three or four RTB01 marines and a load of Imperial Army bodies;

They were a disparate bunch, but someone had loadsa fun putting camo on these guys.

I think that some of these are actually schemes from a WD from way back - the guys on the left look suspiciously like the Necromundian 8th ('The Spiders')

Work had been put in on all the helmets too.

And shoulder pads, too.   But meh, that's not what I wanted them for.

WIP reinforcements for the Devos IV PDF 2nd Regt (La Guadia Presedentiale).

A bare metal Creed from the joyous bounty that is Drax's bits box.

WIP guys.  Need boltgunmetal drybrush and then a black wash on the weapons.  They need a wash on the skin, rimming the googles and a purple ink wash over the helmets.  So these guys are nearly there.


  1. Ah yes, those old minis bring back memories...

  2. Thise old models still have so much character. BTW, I have a friend that has used the current cadian arms and guns on them and they look great.

  3. I've been toying with with the idea of putting together and painting my remaining RT plastic guardsmen for an Inquisimunda game... Too many projects on the go mate, too many.

    That Creed fig is one cool sculpt.

  4. They need a good home, Dai....

  5. That's ace! Those old Guard are so characterful!