Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

4th Llar Heavy Infantry.

These men are from the 5/4 Llar Hvy Inf.  Assigned to 785 Div, 44 Corps, 3422 Army Group.  More about these poor unfortunates in the future.  Sometime. 

These guys on the Brick of Scrutiny are FW heads on Curious Construct Hussar bodies on Anvil Industries legs with FW (DKK) arms.

These guys are going to field grey (that's blue to you, Drax) with red sashes and shiney silver buttons and shoulder guards.  I might do a couple with shiney silvered Adiran type helmets as well, or maybe lifeguard ones from Curious Constructs.

The story will involve the first four battalions being committed to a night attack, wearing their very shiney kit.  But you'll have to wait.

Obviously what I'm aiming for here is 'different, but not too different; still fitting in with the overall vibe of the army'.  Hopefully they'll be fine.

And on a different tac, but still from a wargaming blog, weirdly funny bad taste.


  1. Very cool builds! They really have a lot of character to 'em!

  2. Love the down to earth feel on these.

  3. lol, I first read that as "Liar Heavy Infantry".

    They fit together nicely though, you'd never know they were built from a smorgasbord of manufacturer's parts!

  4. Cool beans. We are spoilt for choice when kitbashing nowadays.

  5. Very nice mix of bits and good poses. Very natural and believable troops with appropriate gear.