Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 28 October 2016

3* General Mentunfor

With the arrival of another Army Group, 4*General Zukhov finally gets what he’s been campaigning for, a fifth star and the formal title ‘Lord General’.  The Plennipotentiate who has been actually running the war, 3* Gen Sommonovic (Vostroya) Chief of Land Warfare, gets his forth star and becomes CinC of 72AG.  Gen Zukhov’s former Chief of Staff, 2* Gen Mentunfor (Krieg) Chief of the Imperial General Staff, is also promoted to fill Sommonovic’s vacant space. 

Muntenfor would privately acknowledge that in spite of actually being the best candidate for the position, his appointment has more to do with the 'Lord General' sending a message to Imperial forces on Devos IV by appointing a DKK officer to run the war.  

3* Gen Mentunfor's previous position as CIGS had enabled him to ensure that, with the exception of 'the Lord General's' immediate offices, the Head Quarters of of 72AG and it's constituent Corps are as professionally staffed and run as possible.  This role has been taken on by the newly promoted 2* Gen Samkon from the Kataan 4th Imperial Guard Regiment.

In his youth, Mentunfor found himself as one of two survivors of his regiment, he slipped through the gaps in the Adminisphere and spent three years driving a Cargo 8 for a company conducting logistics for the Imperial Navy on Feurenguanna in the Beephar System.  He then travelled for some time with a close companion until he found himself on Agripinna, where an opportunity presented itself for him to resume his career, he took it, rising to command of 44th Tank Regiment in a phenomenally quick time, largely due to the way the DKK wage war. 

In a career which rolled around the Segmentum Obscuras like a censor full of burning cordite, once even being marooned with the remains of his regiment on one world because the rest of the 'Guard formation commanders thought that the DKK's actions were criminal.  Mentunfor took this on board when he later attended the Staff College course at Agripinna.  

Since then, he and the very few other DKK officers like him have made a material difference to the integration of DKK units into more diverse 'Guard formations. He has trust issues, exemplified by the inclusion of DKK members of 72AG's pool of Liaison Officers. He still favours traditional DKK methods but is flexible enough to speak with and accommodate the views of others. 

As Chief of Land Warfare, he is now the 'Lord General's' plenipotentiary for running the war.  Where Sommonovic was only responsible for 72AG, Mentunfor also has 3422AG to worry about.  The 'Lord General's current instruction is for the capture Xyphonica, the former Capital City of the whole planet and last stronghold of the rebels.  Mentunfor's plan would be for a slowly moving, ever tightening noose.  However, he is painfully aware of the 'Lord General's predilection for the grand gesture; he can only watch on in frustration as the 'Lord General's ill informed staff manage the annihilation of almost an entire IG regiment. 

Fortunately, he is already on good terms with the other three plenipotentiates.   


  1. Beauty of a model. Regal and menacing!

  2. I love that model as is, one of my favourite of the Imperial Guard. The addition of the helmeted head makes an interesting change, bravo.

  3. The original sculpt never did it for me, but the head replacement for some reason really makes this officer look far more interesting.