Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

More random dudes

These are Anvil Industries Unity Council Internal Security Troops.  These were on a special offer (sigh - suckered in a again !) as these were six man squads with one torso missing. The spare legs went to the 4th Llar Heavy Infantry. 

Hopefully from the fots you can discern crisp, clean castings.

My idea had been to use the figures with fallen legionnaire heads; ie more blood pact.  But these are two piece castings with integral heads so that went out of the window.  But they'll be great for Inq28 as someone's Internal Security Forces - the lack of web kit, short range, high volume of fire weapons and intimidating outfits kinda mean these bozos won't be going to plumbing school; they've made their choice.

So I'm planning on dark brown with white (or yellow, or realllllly pale green) helmets with mirrored visors.

Oh look, someone's carrying more ammo.


  1. Oooh - very nice. I'm quite a fan of Anvils stuff - their new regiments system is very nice. Pale green seems a goer!

  2. Anvil are good people, and I like their stuff!

  3. Dark brown with white gets my vote.

    Anvil's stuff typically doesn't impress me, but I like these well enough. Will indeed make some good security forces.