Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Macharian 203rd Line Infantry

So,  I have some fluff for these boys already, but it can wait until there's three-colours-minimum on them at least.  But here are some notes on construction.

The brick of scrutiny is a bit damp at this time of year - that patch of moss is bigger every time every time some little guys form a resin human pyramid and climb up for their photoshoot.

These guys are DKK legs, VL victorian torsos and arms and Puppetswars heads.  I've included a few shots to show how they are dressed about the middle - a variety of bits from FW, VL and Raging Heroines.

A couple of guys with FW packs from Devon

Some of the helmet rims were damaged during the conversation - annoyingly.  I do like the puppetswar lids.  But will be painted up as battle damage.  I think these guys will suit the worn look (?)

A decent illustration of the variety of kit carried.  I was sort of anticipating a formerly-uniform-but-now-having-more-cobbled-together sort of look for them.  I think the models do that, now to sort out a suitable paintjob.

The special weapon guy with the DKK melta gun.

The junior officer type.  There's sixteen of these so far, I'm only anticipating there being twenty of these in total, so the Jnr Offr may end up functionally being an NCO for list building purposes.  But if I do end up illustrating the conflict by showing the Macharian 203rd in a picture, then an officer waving on his troops would be appropriate.


  1. A really, really nice squad. Is there any reason for some being based on MDF bases? I only asked because I was recently doing some 40K conversions, and thought how much money I could save by using MDF bases rather than buying proper GW ones.

    I think the battle-damaged helmets go well with that WWI look, greatcoats and kit.

    1. Mate: MDF bases are brilliant, if a wee bit on the chunky side.

      On the flip side, though, having just based an entire new army for Bolt Action (including about two dozen on MDF bases) I have just decided to RE-base them all on 25mm washers, because I want to be able to store and transport them magnetically.

      I can heartily recommend washers, actually, but the height of MDF is, I guess, not such an issue alongside G W slotta bases...

    2. I put steel washers inside the GW 25mm bases on a lot of my resinous little men just to keep them upright.

      And yes, these bases are from 'Colonel Bill' and are the less expensive alternative to plastic. I used to buy plastic ones from "Tiny Worlds" for a price that was right (for me) but perhaps too tight (for him) as I can't find Tiny Worlds on the interwebs anymore.

  2. These look great. Shame about the lids, I think when painted they should look fine though.

  3. These look brilliant, mate : very characterful!

  4. Cheers gents. Looking forward to being pleasantly surprised after they're painted.

  5. Love the PW heads. I've got some stashed for use on Rough Riders if i ever get into the game again.

    Those guys look cracking


  6. Really like these guys, the doughboy helms make a nice change of pace to the standard guard kit.