Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Something a little different to set the scene for the new year.

I do hope some of you saw the My Little Pony spaze murheens.

So these are DKK torsos on VL Victorian legs.  Some of the arms are DKK and some are VL.  A lot of the pre-loved DKK rifles are broken at the worst possible point, but I have some ideas of how to deal with that.

Not all of these figures are 'dressed' yet to hide the join, but these two give a good idea - there's a mix of DKK and VL bits.

Junior Officer in the same idiom.  One DKK arm and one VL one.

Thats 'im again.  What a poser.

I've toyed with a couple of schemes, but am learning towards the Blue Krieg scheme with a red stripe down their trousers - representing the same regiment but wearing their summer jackets instead of their winter greatcoats.  Again, moving the fluff forwards.  As Col Hertford reminds us, one more stone turned in the search for hobby perfection.


  1. The DKK upper goes well with that VL lower. And all the kit bags and such add that extra little bit (as well as doing a tidy job hiding the join). I lament the broken rifles with you - I too know of that struggle - its like FW deliberately set about creating a Lasgun that isn't meant to be played!

  2. Really like this combo! Very cool idea to have them in their Summer uniforms too - a nice change from the usual DKK.

  3. A lovely-looking bunch o' Guardsmen there. Very inventive combination of parts too, and I love the idea of doing classic regiments in other dress states.

  4. That is a really cool kitbash combo - looks awesome, man!

  5. I never would have thought that combination would work.... but it does! Brilliant Zzzzzz!