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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The full parade

Flufftastically, what you are looking at here is the command detachment of 902 Div (XVII Korps) including an armoured squadron and mechanised company of DKK 19 Armd Regt, a company from 262 Line Regt, An armoured squadron from 22 ASL, a company from the Valhallan (Kado) 540th Regt and a lot of smaller detachments drawn from other 902 Div units to provide local security for the Div HQ. 

Additionally, there is, for as yet unexplored reasons, a detachment from 901 Div, armoured and mechanised subunits and company from 2/24 Cadian and 1/2 Corbanian.

So here it all is in it's glory.  The darker table had gravel mixed in to the paint when it was painted.  For years I have been chipping and plucking the 'effin' gravel off.  It's a job that needs some serious attention so that I can repaint it to better match the other two tables.  Homogeneity will be achieved one day.

And with hindsight, the Valhallan mobbed up blob should have been arrayed across the table between the Cadians and the DKK - it would have given a visual continuity across the deployment.  Also the actual command team(s) are bunched up next to the Crassus.  We should have split these up and displayed them in their actual teams and with the additional vehicles - most of which are still in their boxes, unbuilt.  But what we did do took us hours, we were tired and it was the first time we'd done this.  Lessons for next time !


  1. An impressive layout.

    At least I won't have to clear 21 man hours to show my IG off.

    Was the photo taken from an upstairs window or a trestle ladder?

  2. Oh my dear Lord! What an awesome sight!

  3. That looks amazing. I followed the rabbit hole to your blog and I am glad I did. I hope one day to have such an impressive layout. If you are interested, check out my humble beginnings here https://praetorian14.blogspot.com
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Any idea of actual numbers? Ie, how many chimera's, Russ's, troops?

  5. What no Segway Rough Riders? https://www.pinterest.com/pin/495044184023762886

  6. That is truly impressive. I thought I had quite a few models but I am not even close...

  7. A genuinely breathtaking collection. I take my hat off to you, sir.

  8. Absolutely amazing! Really I'm at a loss for words. Thats just so cool.

  9. I am overjoyed to see this but I feel your pain regarding the time it must have taken to set these up. Bloody worthwhile though! Well done.

  10. @ Ade, upstairs window, No2's bedroom.
    @ Mike, Honey, Masta Cheef, Aegis, Scipio, Jim, Col A: many tanks gents (see what I did there ?)
    @ Ziek. The Departmento's supply chain might not be infallible, but there times when even accounts recognise that nothing might be better than the wrong thing...
    @ Steve, Admiral Drax was counting and estimated 140AFVs (all types) and 1830 little men.
    @ Marshal Argos - Holy Cow dude ! Welcome back, I thought you'd been real life-ed !

  11. Bit disappointed not to see a Reaver or Warlord up there with them. I grade a b+.

  12. @Steve: ...and seven dogs. Zzzzzz forgot the seven dogs.