Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

End of year round up.

The obligatory WTF post. Progress since this post here. 

And, because it is a work of art and deserves the bandwidth, here is a harlequin landraider.

Mad max post apoc scavvies
Post apoc war rig
DKK rifles                                               Done
DKK Engr, golliaths, Hades Drill               Engrs Done, rest is WIP. 
2 DKK Engr Chimera
DKK Gren                                               Built
DKK re-arms                                           Need to be un-built
DKK Hvy Wpns                                        Need to be un-built
DKK summer uniforms                             Done
Hrossy Yeomen                                       Done
Jornathi grunts                                       Built
Meridian Infantry Coy
Delaques                                                WIP
BP BFG Crews
BP Bradley                                             Opened the box
Blood pacters                                         WIP
Last thunderer
Assorted civvies & pilgrims             WIP
7 BP Half tracks
4 Esienkarn APCs
2 Lynx HQ vehicles
1 Chimera HQ vehicle
Ad mech bodies 
Macrons                                                 Done
SAM launchers                                        WIP (two built so far)
2nd regt rebuilds
2 Chaos spawn (bones cthuloids)             1 built, 1 painted
4 Star Wars Vendettas
ARC 170 fighter bomber
2 Thunderhinds
=I= Gun Cutter (Millennium Falcon)          Needs more work
TGG Nuns with guns                                 Contracted out
And an entire Space Wolf army.

To be clear, the conversion (in case you hadn't noticed, those are bright lances, not imperial pattern laser cannons) and paint are by Jeff from PVP.  Gotta love a harlequin land raider; how else are you gonna move your webway gate around ? Lookin' forward to this spitting 30 harlies into someone's deployment zone...


  1. lol, they had 'em way back in the day...

  2. That's brilliant!

    Always liked the harlequin stuff, and this has a real 2nd Ed feel to it!

  3. My RT Harlequins always rode around in a captured Land Raider. Far better use of an MBT than giving it to my Squats for sure.