Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

New from DragonForge in 2019

Long term readers will remember my fondness for Chimera conversion kits.  Always with an eye on what's going on I spotted these, from DragonForge, best known (so far) for outstanding resin bases and a 28mm jackhammer. 

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Jeff (the DragonForge one, not the PVP one) is producing two things which might pique your interest.  One is a kit to up armour your Chimera - there's extra armour panels for the sides and for the front elevation as well.
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That front kit is so nice; it's a clear quantum leap for those of us who lack the plasticard skills of Claus or Pim Mauve who could now use these to whup up consistently chimera looking chimera conversions.

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And the second, possibly more exciting kit he's working on is the DragonForge 'Bison', which will be a multi option kit which can do (at least) Command Salamander, Recce Salamander and Griffon. 

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So no, I'm not on commission (Jeff needs us to buy his stuff at face value, otherwise he'll go out of business and/or starve to death); but if someone puts this much effort into improving the hobby in terms of high quality options to expand my/your/our Imperial Guard army, then it deserves a bit more exposure.

And yes, I know I could have re-sized the picts, but meh, this shows of the potential of these kits.