Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Agents of the Inquisition 4

There are worlds within the Imperium where technology and medicine far exceed the wildest dreams of most of the proletariat.  The Spireborn live un-naturally long lives.  Spyrers stalk the underhive for thrills and laughs.  But enhancements for others are not unknown.  Gene enhancements and bionics for those who directly serve those who rule are not exactly rare.

These individuals are all Inquisitorial agents, or those who were aiding some Throne Agent when they met with an unfortunate event or two in the line of duty.  Whilst the lives of people are not exactly even on the inquisition's 'nice to have' list, they are not want to squander more important attributes such as experience and loyalty.

These have all been combat enhanced; vat grown muscle with artificial fibre bundles, pain suppressants, neural enhancers, graphic display spot sighting, dataloggers, low light sensors and so on. They are individually formidable, as a package, they are probably more than the sum of their parts.

They are optimised for medium and close range with a heavy hitter melee specialist.  The two female agents carry pistols and are skilled martial artists. 

One of the individuals has been modified as a full range auspex and uplink, further equipped with a chain blade and carrying an axe for self defence.  

All painted by the PirateViking.


  1. I used to have those female minis, Void Syntha...I think? The guy with the strategically placed cod-pice with attached hose is a bit off putting though...

  2. Awesome. Is that guy wearing a bilge pump?