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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Agents of the Inquisition 6

This is Inquisitor Khakassia.  Yes,  it's probably a nom-de-guerre.  He is a member of the Ordo Hereticus and a minor psyker himself. He's originally from Sovatskaya Gavan, formerly a Maiden World settled by Valhallans as their trophy world six generations ago.  Although he grew up in a Schola, unlike a lot of Scholum, he spent time boating, cycling through the forests, rafting down canyons and so on. 

Alizbrum Ausun is Delta (possibly Eplison) level psyker.  And one of Inquisitor Khakassia's Interrogators.  Obviously being able to peel open someone's conscious or subconscious mind is a huge time saver.  Inquisitor Khakassia likes this. 

Naylor is soft and delicate, one of those individuals who seems like a pillar of calm no matter where he is or what is going on.  He is environmentally conscious and extremely charitable.  He's also an augmented super assassin.

Lightening death with his hands and feet, expert with most of the things man has made to kill other men with.  Keeping Naylor at the level required takes a modicum of resources in terms of places to practice and tools to practice with, not to mention the occasional stim implant.  But Khakassia thinks he's worth it.

The cherub is a broad spectrum auspex and multi channel pict capture and vox caster.

Which brings us to the penitent.  She is there, possibly unwillingly, given the shackles, to act as a psykik earthing rod in the event of a warp related attack.  Got to protect the high value assets.


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  2. And what an asset -!

    (Sorry for the double-post. . . there's a ghost in the machine.)

  3. Once again, very character-full characters, me like...

  4. I am just about to start painting that inquisitor.