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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Agents of the Inquisition 11 - the Devos IV delegation


This is a form of love letter to Neverness.  In a manly, wholesome, Chapter Approved sort of way.  You may be aware that he has recently done a month of gently encouraging other bloggers to make and paint an inquisitor.  There are some really good ones there.  

What you can see here is 25% of the strength of the Inquisitorial strength of the Conclave of Dinterra Minor.  As detailed elsewhere, the conclave voted to send a substantial delegation to Devos IV to oversee the conduct of the war.  

 As Inso used to say 'Click the Pic !' 

Their agreed signifier here is black hat or hood.  Their leader, in the way that leaders do, is currently deviating from this previously agreed protocol, but she would argue that is her prerogative...

There are twelve inquisitors there, with their collective entourages, most of which are entirely appropriate (in terms of the scale and scope of and inquisitorial entourage). 

You can see the Inquisitor in the gold terminator armour who has positioned himself dead centre of the scene, albeit behind the Lady Inquistrix who is actually in charge.  His name is Hallas Blingnor and as you can see, rather than a normal inquisitorial retinue, he has brought seventyish Black Templars instead.  That's the type of guy he is.  

Some of these minis have been seen before, some not so.  I'll do a couple of posts with some of the more interesting characters in. 


  1. Seeing people's different ideas for the Inquisitors in their collections is one of my fav parts of the 40K hobby. So much scope for creativity and yet almost all fit in so well with the setting.

    Looking forward to seeing up close pics of yours cos that's a lot of Inquisition in one place! (Also the walls and statues background is excellent!)

    1. O and speaking of which, I have a kit-bash inquisitor in my collection that has been in dire need of a paint job. Might have to dig him out and get that done soon.

  2. Ah thanks! Glad to contribute, in some subtle way, to the Devos IV narrative.

  3. That is a nice collection. Like the diversity of styles between the Inquisitors.

  4. Just found this blog.

    Its full of miniature candy, keep it up