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Thursday, 23 June 2022

Anvil Industries Armoured Commissar


I suspect that you've seen him either on the Anvil 'site or another Iggy blog/instragram/fb.  There's always space for a carapace armoured commissar in one's iggy list.  Who else is going to inspire your elite stormtroopers to even madder deplyments in the face of World Eater beserkinators ?
I was going for leather for the coat - dryard bark (a nice dark brown paint) with three or four layers of Nuln Oil over the top. Not perfect, but sort of does the job (?).
Blogger has started posting the pictures in the reverse order of when they were selected.  Which is annoying and sometimes means it's easier to ditch the whole thing and start again. 
He does look suitably inspiring.  I'd invested in Dave's 'the art of...' kickstarter and this inspired the choices made here; hopefully you can see the not-actually-part-of the-real-colours purple in here, to evoke steel and shadow, and give a little depth to the whole thing. 
In truth, almost all of the photos in those books are against black or dark backgrounds; it is art, after all and the moody and atmospheric photos are just a part of that.  But I can't help feeling that photographing miniatures sympathetically is a huge part of those books.  Nonetheless, I remain inspired by the contents and this fellow represents me trying something slightly more in their style that what I would have done beforehand. 

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