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Sunday, 23 October 2011

GOT vehicles

I though you might like to see a little more of the Annocenti's vehicles:

The Hunchback comes with a couple of weapon choices and two turrets to mount them on. So you could gun up a 40K one and put the proper (scale correct) weapons on the other turret for a different game system.

You could leave the hatches off the Zebu for a sleeker look. The cow catcher bull bar thingy on the front is a separate peice as well. Additionally, the model comes with pairs of extra plates for either armouring the window or just adding detail.

The wheels fit well. I stuck them on and left the models on their backs over night, and they are all square and seem more robust than resin could be. 40K figs for scale here. These models, whilst not the cheapest, are well detailed - for instance the tyre pattern on the Hunchback's wheels is crisp and realistic; they look like off road tyres where Space Marine bikes appear to have tractor tyres.

Looking forward to getting some paint on these, just to see what they look like. The Zebu will get an arbities paint job and the Hunchback will have a more generic green colourscheme, to enable it be flexed between armies.

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