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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Chimera MK whatever

This is my first go at the new Chimera kit. Again, no track guards. Why on earth did they include a bull dozer blade instead of a set of track guards ? I want track guards on every one I build and a 'dozer blade on combat engineer specific models (ie about 1 in 30). Am I really alone in this ?

Nice to see that despite the plethora of new options, the flash suppresor for the multi laser is still enormously oversized. And the HB option has only one HB; unless it's being built for fluftastic reasons, it's possibly completely redundant.

Having said all of that, excepting the skull and banner on the side, I like the kit and it goes together easily enough. Of course, the old kit went together as easily anyway. And the back door opened.


  1. At the price it should go together well.

  2. On the whole, John, it is an improvement. The new sides are better and there are, overall, less parts to build yourself a vanillia chimera.

    However, the new one peice back door is a step backwards, the new track peices are ok but on the old one, you could 'leave a wheel out' and have one for stowage.

    The leaving out of the track guards is a blatant rouse to get one to order a IG vehicle accessory sprue for the extra £8 + postage.

    I picked up an old WD earlier today and saw that back then (early 1980s), the new and shiney Land Raider kit (the first one) went for £12. Pro rata, that was, to me more expensive; I would have struggled to buy one whereas today I appear to be able to heamorage money to create a 'proper' armoured unit.

    Yes, they do seem expensive. For what they are, compared to an AFV Club or Tamiya kit. But and however, they are toys/gaming peices first and foremost. I'm babbling now, (tiiredness) and have lost my point.