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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wild Wind Widers of Siam Hain

So, I travelled to the wintery far north to fight Karitas. Logan Wing is an impressive looking build. He has four ickle posses of wulfgardtermies, two dakka preds and a pair of MM/HF land speeders in reserve. And a Dreadnuffink. Which really was untouchable, as you shall see....

I'm arrayed with a bunch of jet bikes and serpents and one falcon. All brittle percussive instruments vs werewolves in terminator armour. Yikes, I thought and said a silent hail mary to Fitz, the patron saint of Siam Hain. OK, so it didn't go too badly; the runepriest and his posse went down to massed SC fire from the jetbike and Vyper armarda after three rounds. The Falcon popped one pred the first turn and kept the pressure on until it went to the second speeder mid game. Two WL marched resolutely into HTH with Logan and his posse and were smashed in two rounds. (WTF ?!?! WL creamed in HTH ? Yep, I saw it with my own eyes. And wept silent internal tears).

Serpents were shot down all over the place, the Falcon was shot down and the Fire Dragons duely de-bussed. They shot Logan's posse. The guys from the Falcon toasted the Rune Preist on the other side of the table. My Autharauch Deep Struck behind the remaining Pred and imobilisied it for a round. He should have stayed there and should have just kept shooting the rear armour of the Pred. But I could have him assault the stunned dred. So I did. Autharchs cannot hit dreads in HTH (at least in that build) and the dread needed a six to touch the Autarch, so with Karitas' rolling he was fairly safe. Even surrounded by another posse of five wulfgardtermies he was chopping his way through them whilst fending off the dread as well (by the end of the game the FD were on their way across to help him).

Logan set off on a one man march into my deployment zone; he took all of my remaining firepower (including TL brightlances to the face for two complete turns) and was only stopped by last remaining scoring unit de-bussing and bladestorming him. Hurrah !

So I elected to roll for the end of the game, having had good results all day. And the game ended there and then with a serpent contesting the SW obj but with my remaining jetbikes still 12" away from my home obj.

So I lost. But my glass hammer had chomped through the Logan Wing army quite nicely. With the dragons about to rescue the Autarch and the Farseer about to chuck his singing spear at the dread, I reckon seven turns could have seen me forcing the last wuldgarfmerties off of his obj as well.

There'll be a next time Logan....

My thanks to Karitas for a great day. I hope he manages to put his pictures up at some point. I have given up on trying to kidnap him as a paint slave; Mrs K also paints so house arrest should do just fine....

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  1. Nice, your memory is better than mine :)

    I'll scrape together some grey cells and do a AAR, and put up a pic or two. a couple are a bit dark, but I'll work something out.