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Friday, 21 October 2011

Busy me

I've been attacking the plastic crack mountain. Partly as an attempt to actually get my DKK onto the table top but mostly as an exercise in self discipline and so on. This is two days work, not including the little ATAT, which I did about a fortnight ago.

The whiteish looking thingies are GOT vehicles from annocenti's workshop. That's a Zebu cruiser (a ride for the Adeptus Arbities [a repressor may follow one day])the blue things on top are hatches for the passengers in the rear seats (it's a coupe). The six wheeled AFV is a Hunchback. This may end up as a Bloodcoat vehicle. But it might not.

Hopefully this will show a Cadian next to the foot of the larger Revell ATAT, just to give you a sense of the scale of these things. Now, I think that it is about right for a Stormlord stand in. But I've a feeling that if I sling a warhound mega bolter under the head, the weight will make the damned thing fall over. Another thing is where to keep it....

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