Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Casing about for inspiration

Continuing on from the 'on the workbench' theme. Part of the problem with beginning all your projects at once is that you then overcrowd your workspace and run out room.  Sort of painting yourself into a corner. 
 This is it having picked up the 'Grants Spectres' and their bits and thus creating a modicum of space in the middle.  What I need to do now is to use that space to enable me to clear the rest of this up.  Historically, what has happened is I've simply thrown down the next idea to flit into my head, thus the back of the work bench, towards the wall, is in fact lettered with six years worth of dust, off cuts, spider webs, dead flies, odd arms and so on.  The actual MDF workbench itself will be replaced with what is currently my kitchen work surface in early October.  I'd just like to thank my dad for the help he has no idea that he is soon to render.  
 Sorry, forgot to rotate it.  The shelves behind the computer deak might look like a treasure trove of raw materials, modelling supplies etc.  And in one sense, they are.  If I gave them to you, for instance, you'd probably come up with all sorts of ideas for them.  But I see a number of unfinished projects - Void Dragons (used to be Exodites, but I bought IA11), some more vehicles for IG armies and a number of terrain peices - large buildings (ie several packs of foamcore and lots of left over bits of Imperial City).  I am working on a grand plan.  It really is a grand plan and there's years of work here before Devos IV is finished. 
 One of the best and worst things is having large quantities of sprues with half the bits used.  It does mean that half of the bits are unused and therefore fodder for more projects (once I have bodies and legs for my dark mechanicus preatorians, I have more than enough IG heavy weapons to build my clanking army of doom).  But there are loads of them and they have to live somewhere.  The top picture shows boxes under the bench.  Lots of sprues there.  And elsewhere, too.
They get everywhere.  If only I could finish all of my imagined projects, I could fill my wheelie bin the rest of the bits. 


  1. Nice.. I am still jealous of the space you have.. although it is outside instead of inside the house, but still..

  2. I have a garage full of sprues.

  3. That's a lot of stuff. Makes my paultry amount of stuff look rubbish in comparison. :)

  4. Mr Lee, S'ok; if I was this disorganised in the house, I'd be single. And in a smaller house.
    John, Aye, and thereby hangs the rub. So much to keep track of, so little aptitude.
    Dai; Stalin said that quantity has a quality all of its own. Which is nice when you're standing up to Nazi Germany, but not much help when you're trying to finish some of the projects.