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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

DKK Vehicle fleet

So, since the huge effort of building the DKK LRMBT fleet in a day, they have been out on the table.  Track guards and antennae fitted, undercoated and as much basecoat as I had applied.

I had a good look at them all and was fairly pleased.  Only three more Chimerae to go.  Two of which I wanted to be Eagle rear door, mid turret command vehicles.  And one to plug that hole you can see towards the rear of the Chimera formation. 

A decent coat of Tamiya German Grey for the you-know-who's panzer in the rear corner.  2iC in front of him and OC in front of the 2iC.  Then three troops of three, with the anihilator or exterminator as the No3 tank in each troop. Where the ASL tanks were loaded up with stowage, the DKK ones have enough detail to stand on their own merit - the engine filters providing enough interest to not have to do my swede in figuring out where any stowage might go on these ones.  

So I was thinking about the camouflage patterns and the markings.  These would be done before weathering and the addition of pre-painted stowage.  Hummm..... stowage.  STOWAGE!  Fek !  Better see if I have any.  Oh yes, still here:

Soft luggage bottom left, hard objects top left, comms kit t.d.c.and second load of stowage in the old model box awaiting undercoating.  Tools, spare road wheels, track links and so on all to do.  So with the comms kit and hard spares (what some of you may recognise as stuff that the QM(T) didn't want to give you) and the softer luggage (the things at the QM (boots and socks) didn't want to give you) I had a look at the way this would be arranged on the model(s).  I quickly deduced that the as-built Chimera doesn't really have much space to hang, drape or otherwise 'dress' the model.  However, the mid turret, modern looking hacked about ones not only demand some stowage (to cover up the holes where the las-guns arn't) but will actully look a lot better.

So I jemmied the eagle doors off the back of three finished about-to-not-be-platoon-command-vehicles-any-more.  And have resolved to replace the five as-built Chimerae with mid-turret conversions.  So now my motor pool looks like this, worse than it when I started.  Oh well.

Fortuately I think I have another three under the bench.  Only two more to get.


  1. Sweet Mother......

    Kudos on the progress man, rreally nice to see the fleet develop :)

  2. And it also will enable me to motorise a platoon of the Bloodcoats, so the baddies get something out of this as well. Sort of having it all out and thinking 'only three more to do' really helped.
    Of course, after I did those two (only one Chimera to go !) I then decided to re-imagine the whole scheme and have put myself back by five Chimerae (for a running total of six to do) but five chimerae, even mid turret conversions, hold no fear to one who has built eleven FW DKK LRMBT in one afternoon ;)

  3. Wow.. nice armored division.. but the Bloodcoats are almost finished ;)