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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The greatest ever single day for British athletics

Mrs Zzzzz and I were only there for the morning.  We watched the women's heptathletes long jump and spear chuck the women's pole vault heats and men's 100m heats.  So was actually there, watching Jessica Ennis strive towards her Gold Medal and can put my hand on my heart (on the outside of my chest, not directly onto my heart, that would sting) and say I have seen Insane Bolt run 100m at the Olympics, even if it was just a heat.

This is the view from our seats.  It's less than 1 minute of footage taken on my mobile phone, but might give you some idea of what it was like.  Coming up the stairs and emerging onto the stands is an awe inspring expereince in itself.  The level of noise when Miss Ennis and the other two Brit girls got up to do their stuff was incredible.  I spent five hours of my life sat on the edge of my expensive plastic seat, close to tears.  80,000 people all cheering for the same thing is quite an experience.  Especially when the home crowd's darling steps up.
This is view of the Pole Vaulting area.  I think I was trying to actually capture some of the action.  Was it worth the wait/money/bitching in the press ?  Yes.  Am I going to Rio ?  I'm seriously considering it.  Was London paralysed by the Olympics ? No.  It was well organised and ran better than an ordinary day.  Our first visit was to the Dressage stage of the three day eventing.  There were extra hi viz pink signs all over the underground and main line stations.  There was a cadre of Olympic volunteers, all of whom were enthisastic and well briefed, to ensure that the spectators got to the right place.  And G4S' new subtle camo uniforms looked very smart. 

I am impressed it went so well, from an organisational as well as results POV. 


  1. ...Like G4S could ever get themselves organised enough to sort out new uniforms!

    So glad you enjoyed it, mate. Like a lot of the UK, I'm enjoying it by osmosis.

  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-19182310

    Always good to see a Gunner "Corporal" too...