Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Inspiring (no, not another Olympic post)

So Karitas just happened to pop 'round, as one does. Amongst the usual flurry of activity that goes on here whether I'm home or not, we slipped into the garage to keep out of everyone else's way.

We chatted over the number of projects on the go.  And then began just cleaning up the workbench.  Lots and lots of stuff, which we eventually decided was detritus; the flotsam and jetsom of the hobby, was consigned to the wheeliebin (if you don't have wheelie bins where you are, this is what they are).

So we had made a bit of space.  Which normally, I'd promptly fill with another rushed project and then grind to a halt when I ran out space.  I think I must have conveyed how daunting it was to have such a lot to do.

Karitas asked me how I planned to approach things.  I suggested that one model a week, perhaps setting aside Thursday nights, would enable me to eat the elephant one mouthful at a time.

He had other ideas.  He was not daunted.  He was inspired.  He was sure that with a little gumption, we could forgo the modest game he had already prepared for.  We could built tweleve DKK Leman Russ before dinner.

So we did.  Learning points for me are:

  • Allowing yourself to be drawn along with someone elses enthusiam can pay handsome dividends.
  • Two people working together can build more Leman Russ than two people working in isolation can in the same time.  Sharing hobby time with someone else is fun.  Sounds dirty, I'm not used to fun.
  • The generousity of people I have met on line and perhaps in person only a handful of times remains humbling.  
  • Twelve Leman Russ in an afternoon is achievable for two people.

Got some hobby mojo here, looking forward to next week.


  1. 12???? Damn mate, that's impressive. No pics?

  2. Pics incoming, I'll post em at mine and zzz.. you copy across the pics/links from there :)

  3. Very cool mate.. always good to have such a work happen in such a short period of time :)

  4. Now half way through the track guards and radio/data antenne. Anyone any idea where I can get 12 Leman Russ track sprues from ?

  5. That's a staggering achievement. For 2 of you as well its even more so. Just seen the pics over on Ex-Tra and it really is a sight to see. Very well done.