Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Nurgle's curse and hobby mojo.

I'm off ill today.  I have a new boon and am able to exhale nurlings.  Praise be to papa etc etc.

What this has let me do is:

a) get my four legged friends valeted.  One is half spaniel and smells baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

b) get in the garage and fetch stuff into the house where it is warmer.

I have found a number of unfinished projects.  And half the bits for a number of new and exciting projects to begin and then forsake.

But do not dispair or be downhearted !  For I, Zzzzz have begun another half baked misbegotten project; a while ago, browsing a well known auction website, I came across some previously loved Iggies (Previously loved in a Turkish Prison kinda way).  So I have begun 'saving' as many of these cheap bargin iggies as possible, mostly with backpacks and other bits left over from previous projects. 

I'm looking at two smilies here; one is I'm giving new life to some pretty badly battered iggies and the other is I'm using things from the bits box.  :)  :) 

The third smiley is that with the gift of foresight (as well as the nurgly one), when I was on ebay I got some commissars and (previously loved) ISTs as well.  So, that's another guard army then.  Good.


  1. Heh, nice mate.. rest up though and get well soon!

  2. Nothing like some eBay abused models to get the hobby spirit going!