Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Stamping on wriggly little things that get away all the time. Like ants or snakes.

I'd noticed that BOLS had gone, for some reason.  And then caught the announcment on TTF.  I hadn't noticed that Feat212 had gone, but it sometimes does not show up on the newsfeed so I wasn't looking for it.

I can see what might be going on here, as suggested on TTF.  Now, like a lot of other people, I just want to know why. 


  1. WHAATTT?! I thought GW had topped it with the whole let's-try-and-claim-Space-Marine-and-all-sci-fi-as-our-IP lawsuit, which ended up being quietly dropped. Urge to Ragequit ... rising ...

    1. Without Feat212, all rumors are forever unsubstantiated.

    2. Ha! So sad.

      I've been on the verge of rage-quitting GW products for a while. Should this be yet another GW shite move, then I think I may well be done altogether with their products.

      There's enough choice out there of alternate wonderful miniatures producers anyhow.